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 Creation | Phases of Creation!

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PostSubject: Creation | Phases of Creation!   Wed Mar 04, 2015 1:13 am

Phases of Creation

Whether you want to create a mafia organization, motorcycle club, or even
a street gang theres some things you'll need to know before applying.
With the information given to you here there should be no problem in obtaining an Official Family Slot.

Starting Point

All organizations start somewhere, and by somewhere I mean they start off in the Unofficial phase. The unofficial phase is the start of your organization as to where the organization begins to build a name for them self. Depending on the type of organization you are running will reflect on how you make your organization known. A couple examples are for a mafia organization wont just go recruiting random people into their family. There is a chain of commnd that must be followed, for instance a mafia member would be hand picked due to their unique abilities that the mafia could find useful. Meanwhile a gang may spray paint various tags representing their neighborhood or affiliation around the city. Another example could be a motorcycle club that may simply just require you to have a certain type of bike to be apart of their group. There are multiple ways to get your organization known through the city, but it will be up to you to provide the appropriate roleplay to do so.

Second phase

Once you've acquired a decent amount of loyal recruits you can move on to the second phase required in obtaining your official organization slot, and of course by loyal active aswell. At this point your organization should have an established base area as to where they meet, or hang out at. Although a question may arise as to, How does your organization support itself? Their are numerous ways to support yourself as well as your organization. While mafias are more known for extortion of businesses, while a street gang may be more prone to slanging crack on the corner, or robbing wealthy individuals of their hard earned money. In another aspect a Motorcycle club may do various things ranging from extortion to kidnappings. These are just some of the roleplay experiences you can conduct to earn support for your organization. Whatever it may be you need to establish a base, and source of income to keep your loyal recruits around, and supported. After all no one wants to be broke right?

Third phase

At this point in time you've developed a pretty good name for your organization, a decent amount of loyal members, even established a base. You've even developed a consistent source of income to support your organization. Also at this point you should have created a fair amount of roleplay scenarios of your organization. Whether it be provided by screenshots, or even videos of your organization in action. All these things play a critical role in becoming official. Once you've gathered all these critical pieces of information your ready to apply for your official organization slot.

Fourth phase

The forth phase is simple enough if you followed the previous phases. If you followed the phases above you'll realize you've been set up fir a successful application. The phases above have gave you the tools necessary to apply for a slot and obtain it. In phase one you've learned some basics to different types of organizations. While in phase two you've developed a headquarters or base for your organization, as well as figured out and executed how your going to support your organization as well as its members. In phase three you gathered some roleplay scenarios that will help lead your organization to obtaining an official slot, by basically creating a simple yet detailed back story on the establishment of your organization. By establishing a back story it simply means explaining how your organization started, and leading it down with some of the roleplay scenarios you've done by following the phases. Last but not least put in that extra effort by being unique with your application, and display some of your roleplay experiences to gain an upper advantage in obtaining a slot. Good luck with your application, and i hope to roleplay with you personally at some point. Enjoy your stay at Visual Gaming!
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Creation | Phases of Creation!
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