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  Gang Policy

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PostSubject: Gang Policy   Wed Mar 04, 2015 12:22 am

Family & Gang Policy/Rules

Common Situations

Group Owner Inadequate
If the Director of Gang Management deems that a Group Owner is incapable, it’ll be forced to complete disbandment. Group Owners can be deemed Inadequate if

- They’ve been banned from the server, or community.
- They’ve been imprisoned more than twice.
- They’ve not shown improvement when placed on probation.
- They’ve changed ownership thrice within three (3) months.

Inactivity & Clarification
Inactivity of a gang will lead to an immediate disbandment, no exceptions. In order for group to be considered for official status by the Gang Management must witness and be absolutely sure that a group has commitment and motivation to remain active. Gang Management considers at least four (4+) and above active. Anything below the minimum is considered inactive. If activity is low within more than two (2) time zones the entire Crime Group will be reviewed for disbandment.

Punishment: [color:3881=‪#‎FF0000‬]Immediate Disbandment

Group Status Changes
Status Changes must be approved by the Director of Gang Management before it is implemented or enforced.

- Owners may not request for a theme change, if they feel a theme change is necessary they should dismantle their Group, and begin from scratch.

Failure to abide will result in a automatic dismantlement, no exceptions.

Strike & Probation Status

[1/3] Strike
Unable to capture more than two points. Both of these points will have to be captured or attended by Rank 6 (Only).
Punishment: Crime Group Striked, Gang Warning

[2/3] Strikes
Unable to capture any points at all, no exception.
Punishment: Crime Group Striked

[3/3] Strikes
Disbandment, no exceptions.
Punishment: Immediate Disbandment[/size]

Unable to:
- Ownership Change
- Capture Points
- Name Change
Punishment: Immediate Disbandment

Revenge Killing
Once murdered (/accept death) you’re unable to return or remember the previous role play scenarios, nor are you to attempt to create a brand new scenario with the same exact people involved until thirty minutes has passed(30 minutes rule).

Members MAY be allowed to return to their headquarters and receive orders to return to the RP but they MUST go to the HQ ONLY and MUST be called for backup.

Group Punishment Regulations

Strike Conditions

A Crime Group can not be punished if;
- Crime Leader that was breaking server rules was released shortly after being imprisoned or the punishment was appealed and approved by the Administrator or reserved by the Director of Gang Management.
- A strike wasn't issued within fourteen days of the evidence being posted (Here).

A Group can and will be punished if;
- Leadership is imprisoned, banned, or gang ban by an Administrator.
- Leadership breaks a server offense that would normally earn them a warning.
- Leadership was (gang) banned. This would mean they received three gang warnings.
- Leadership removes or demotes another leader before he’s imprisoned or banned by an administrator.
- Several game affairs policies were violated within the same situation.

Turf/Point Rules

Turf/Territory Rules
Hiding in territories is strictly prohibited. Hiding means leaving the taking over group and going to a not visible part of the Territory in order to delay the Territory timer and make the taking over group not able to (reclaim the Territory. Also, includes being on rooftops that are not visible from the street and not reachable by jumping on or accessible by a ladder (/enter).
Punishment: Imprisonment, Gang Warning, or Strike.

When in Territory you need to keep the gun fight concealed to a minor location in the Territory - Do not create a war across the full Territory as this will not result in any punishment. Our goal is not to restrict the Role Play but it is to keep it realistic as possible.

Roleplay in Territories
Territories must be roleplayed before being claimed or defended, meaning you can’t start shooting at a rivalry if they’re not doing anything such as trashing, or tagging the area. In conclusion, territories are dealt with just like regular brutal arguments (Fist, Melee, Weapon Fight).

Interior Usage
You may NOT enter Dynamic doors or houses whilst inside the Territory.(You can NOT use a Dynamic door/Backdoor to get on a roof).

One At A Time
Only one Territory can be claimed at a time, if you are caught to be claiming more than one a strike will be issued.

At no time during an active Territory war is any gang member to tab out of the game or pause.

Gang members aren’t allowed to hide on top of high roofs that aren't reachable by stairs or jumping. If you used a Door/Aircraft to reach a roof, you will be punished. Even if your Group isn't currently holding the claim, or assisting in the Territory, you may not use roofs unless it is accessible by stairs or jumping.

Gangs will only be allowed to do drive-bys on Territory wars while defending.
(This is so the people capturing the Territory can not abuse the cars while inside Territory.)

Claiming Regulation
Official Group's may only claim a Territory that is directly connected to or closest to one they already own. This means you can not skip over Territories or claim ones on the other side of the city.
* Factions must abide to these Territory rules, if they are attempting to shutdown a Territory. Failure to do so will result in a punishment.

Point Rules

Out of Character
Gangs are allowed to fight without role play and return to the point immediately after they've died. You're not out of character when going back to point when coming from the hospital, or heading to point and must consider anyone attempting to interact with you in a Roleplay manner. You may not enter a point to avoid Roleplay or exploit the point by entering it become OOC. You're free to begin shooting fifteen minutes before the point is available for capture, you are PROHIBITED to begin shooting before fifteenth minute mark (:15). When the point ends, you MUST stop shooting immediately.

You’re not allowed to attack civilians, or government agency employee’s which are only passing although, If they shoot at you first, you're allowed to shoot back, only that.

End of Point
Once a point is over, all members must leave and resume to their daily role play activities. Anyone caught attempting to roleplay or shoot another person after point they will be punished accordingly.
Punishment: Gang Warning, Strike (Depending on the situation).

Attending Point while having 2 Strikes
Groups are NOT allowed to attend points with two strikes.

Point Alliance
An agreement in which 2 or more gangs share the same common goal.
Example: When 2 gangs allow other the other gang to capture or 2 gangs teaming on another.

Unaffiliated Individuals
Unaffiliated individuals (Non-Official Gang Members) are not allowed at points. If an unaffiliated individual is found to be actively participating in a point then they will be punished.

Desync Capping
If someone is found to be capping when they are desynced, lagging, or tabbed, they will be punished (It is your responsibility to know if you're lagging/desynced).

Attending Points without intent to Capture the point
You cannot attend a point without an intention to capture it. This includes attending a point with no rank fives available in your Group.

Only 3 Points held at one time
One gang may only hold a maximum of THREE points on the board, meaning if any gang has three points already, they're not allowed to capture any more points unless they're defending a point they've already captured.

During point wars, gangs are required to switch to their restricted gang skins for identification purposes.

Vehicle Point Violation
Anyone's vehicle found parked anywhere inside point boundaries will receive a gang warning and his (or her) vehicle will be respawned without warning.

Exploiting Commands
When you already attempted to capture the point you can not /capture on it again to prevent other gangs from trying capture it.

You're not allowed to use ANY animations in point.

Multi Capping
When you attend more than one point at a time.

Double capping
Going in for a cap to prevent other Groups from /capturing.

Gun discharge exploits
No gang members are allowed to CrackShoot or QuickSwap during a point.

Temporary Ranks during point
Gangs will not be allowed to Temp rank members to rank 5+ for POINT or Territory, This also means a Player who receives a R5+ can't claim/capture a Point/Territory in the first 45 Minutes of his promotion.

General Exploiting during a active point
You cannot Exploit in a Point - Exploiting will be deemed as abuse of something to gain an advantage in the point. Using In-Character items that can be used to gain advantage (Except vehicles)*. (Car ramming etc is allowed but too much will be deemed and exploiting)
*IC items can be: Fireworks to block the cap icon, aircrafts landing inside point boundaries or anything except cars can be used to block the cap icon.

Joining a gunfight outside of point
You cannot join a gunfight outside of point. If someone is chasing a member of your Group outside of the point you are NOT allowed to join.

You cannot NOT get vests while capping OR sit in a car!
You can Not place a vehicle on the capture point to prevent other gangs from capping it, though it can be put around it to defend the capper of a certain gang.

Point Sniping
Sniping into a point boundary is allowed however if you are frisked and are in a gang attending a point and you have a sniper, the person that frisked you has full right to kill you in or outside point anybody getting involved with the gunfight between you and the person that frisked you will be deemed ads shooting outside a point. You can only shoot into point boundaries with your sniper if you are caught shooting anyone outside of point boundaries then it will be deemed as shooting outside a point. PS: If a gang member was caught with a sniper and was attacked by another gang member, the members in his gang may NOT join the gunfight to help him out and it will be considered joining in fights out of point boundaries.

Families/Gangs are not allowed to capture any point without atleast three or more members online.

Business Rules

Usage of the business Radio
If the business radio is used ICly by a Group, they are prohibited from using it for backup calls unless it was Roleplayed to notify other players that you are using it.

Business Regulations
Crime Groups are allowed to use their businesses for recruitment. They may only invite them to the business. After a while knowing the member and roleplaying with them they can offer them a gang invite.
Advertisements to recruit business workers are allowed but using it in order to directly recruit members to your gang is considered mass recruiting.
Anyone found abusing the business in any way will receive punishment depending on the severity.
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Gang Policy
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